Families in Settlement Together


CCS is proud to offer newcomer families a customized and wrap-around settlement and integration program to families with young children and families of children with special needs. We have a team of Settlement Workers professionally trained to provide support families on their settlement journey through the implantation of a family settlement plan. A family settlement plan evaluates the needs of a family unit and leverages their collective assets to achieve their needs and goals. We will focus on assisting families of children with special needs to cope with emotional and physical demands of caring for these children. This will include working with families to gain access to support system in navigation to services, skills building as well as self-care and empowerment.


Breakdown of services:

  • Family assessment of – newcomer family settlement needs and – development of a detailed, personalized family settlement plan.
  • Ongoing case management based on a holistic and collaborative approach, centred on newcomer/families wellbeing and settlement needs.
  • Information sessions to help newcomer families develop an understanding of services and resources, especially the complex system of services available for children with special needs.
  • Group activities that includes meet and greet orientation, interactive parenting skill building classes, community events, conversation circles and annual check it out event.
  • Parents support groups to build supportive social networks and share information and helpful resources.

Family in Settlement Together project is in partnership with the East Scarborough Boys and Girls Club. For more information on ESBGC, please visit www.esbgc.ca and EarlyON https://www.esbgc.ca/earlyon-child-family-centres.