Families in Settlement Together

Parenting Courses

The following courses are available. Please contact us for access to the courses.

Stress Reduction for Parents of Special Needs Children

Learn to increase wellbeing while parenting Autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome, Physical Disability, Mental Health Disorders

Special Child Education for the Children with Disabilities

A Complete Teaching Course on Special Education covering the Common Disabilities Related to Special Children and Kids

Hello Stress-free parenting: a Lifestyle shift for parents

An Extensive Guide to Stress Free Parenting for Parents who Want to Radically Transform their Parent-Child Relationships

Teach Children with Learning Disabilities. A Practical Guide

Insights into the neurobiology behind various learning issues – How learning is hindered & how to improve learning.

How to get your kids to cooperate-even if they don't want to

Avoid the shouting, threats, and bribes with these Emotionally Intelligent skills and boundaries – (toddler to teen).

How to Get Kids to Eat Healthy

A Holistic & Optimal Health Approach for Knowing What to Feed Children, Why and How

Writing for Children

Everything you need to create a bestselling Picture Book, Storybook, Middle Reader or Young Adult Novel!